10 Common Myths About Stucco Remediation

The term “stucco remediation” is something you may have heard frequently over the last few years, even if you aren’t entirely sure what it describes. Stucco remediation refers to a specific remodeling service that involves the removal of damaged stucco and the installation of new siding. It’s a home improvement solution that has only become more popular in recent times, as high precipitation levels and extreme atmospheric conditions are leaving homeowners troubled as water damage impacts their stucco homes. Water intrusion leads to mold, rotting, and even infestation below the stucco. This is a growing issue nationwide, but particularly in places like Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and other areas of the East Coast—in fact, 6ABC News has reported that, “within a 30-mile radius of Philadelphia, this is a $1 billion problem.”  

Unfortunately, many unskilled contractors are trying to profit from homeowners without truly understanding the stucco remediation process nor being equipped for it. To keep you safe and informed, KLM Contractors has constructed a list of 10 myths about stucco remediation so that you can know fact from fiction and make the best decision for your home.

1. “Mold Is Always Visible.”

Sometimes homeowners in denial turn to the excuse that unless they see mold, there is none. Naturally, this misconception can be quite dangerous because mold problems progress rapidly if not remediated by professionals. Mold can hide in odd places and develop beneath the stucco, where it is only visible once the stucco is removed. Later stages of stucco mold can be visible on the exterior through dark spots and discoloration, but early detection of mold is possible only by trained professionals who are stucco remediation experts.

2. “A Little Mold Is Nothing to Worry About.”

While the seriousness of symptoms changes depending on the individual, mold has been known to cause allergic reactions, headaches, asthma, and even respiratory damage. The most severe cases of mold exposure are said to possibly cause cancer due to aflatoxins. Keep yourself and your family safe by not disregarding mold as harmless.

3. “Some Surfaces Are Immune to Mold.”

Over the many years that our company has been remediating stucco homes, we’ve heard many myths and misconceptions about fixing stucco damage. One homeowner told us that beneath the stucco of his home were special wooden beams that were immune to mold. To understand why this is impossible, one must understand the capabilities and behaviors of mold. Mold can truly grow on any surface as long as it is in contact with water, in a humid area, or constantly damp. In fact, even if this surface is in contact with water damaged material, it can develop mold. Therefore, mold can truly grow anywhere in and around your home.

4. “Mold Is Only a Problem for Stucco Houses in Wet Climates.”

Many homeowners believe that cracked stucco and stucco mold problems only occur in wet climate areas. The reality, though, is quite different. Even though the outside air may be dry and not seem humid at all, your home may still develop mold and require stucco remediation. This happens because the outside climate is not the only factor that affects what happens beneath the stucco, between window trims, and behind gutters. Mold thrives in any area where there is trapped water, humidity, and possibly insect infestations. These factors provide a great environment for the development of mold, regardless of the outside climate.

5. “There Are Laws That Regulate Mold Problems.”

As of right now, no national guidelines exist for dealing with mold testing, remediation process, contractor qualifications, and so forth. Luckily, multiple states are striving to establish firm regulations about mold problems, identification, and repair processes. The conclusion here is to be very selective and careful with who you hire to remediate your stucco home.

6. “Simply Removing the Mold & Cleaning the Area Will Do the Trick.”

Having tendencies to replicate every 24 hours or so, mold must never be underestimated. As long as the mold has a source of water or is exposed to excessive humidity, it will continue to grow and spread. The only sure way to get rid of the mold is to employ a professional stucco remediation contractor company. This is necessary because all areas where water damage occurred must be removed completely as well as removing the source of the water. Stucco remediation experts will do a complete removal while installing water resistant barriers and completely rebuilding the damaged material. Our company, KLM Contractors, has perfected this process over the past 20 years.

7. “Stucco Remediation Is Expensive.”

A common myth is that stucco remediation is too expensive for the average homeowner. The reality is that stucco remediation demands precision, expertise, resources, tools, and materials in order to be successful. In order to save your home while protecting your family from mold exposure, it is vital that you work with a professional company that knows exactly what they are doing. Hiring a cheap inexperienced contractor or handymen will at best result in a temporary fix and the quick return of lurking mold. Stucco remediation is made affordable through various options which you can discuss with professional stucco remediation experts.

8. “Mold Only Happens After a Flood.”

Once again, mold grows from moisture, access to water, wet climates, and excessive humidity. Outside factors such as wet climates are often not the sole reason for mold beneath the stucco. A common misconception is that mold problems arise only after a flood. Stay safe and get your Bucks County stucco home checked for free by our company.

9. “Any General Contractor Would’ve Noticed Stucco Mold Problems.”

While there are many contractors and handymen who are great at fixing your closet or even putting up a new wall, it takes a trained professional to identify stucco mold problems and be able to do stucco remediation if necessary. Therefore, do not think that just because a contractor came in to replace a window last month, he would’ve noticed a stucco mold problem.

10. “Mold Is Normal & Happens to All Homes.”

While mold may be more common for some types of homes than others, it certainly isn’t a guaranteed occurrence for all homes. Many homes that experience mold problems do so because of a faulty installation of stucco and other mistakes by the original builders of the home. Upon removal of the stucco along with the mold and damage beneath, our company always rebuilds everything underneath and places water barriers in place. We utilize James Hardie siding over HardieWrap, which eliminates existing mold problems and prevents them from ever happening again.  

Reality: It’s Time to Learn More About Stucco Remediation  

Stucco failures are not uncommon for homeowners in Bucks County and surrounding Pennsylvania communities, but KLM Contractors is ready to help with our complete stucco remediation services. We know that the process may sound complicated, leaving you with questions about if homeowner’s insurance will cover stucco remediation, what the best siding options are after your remediation, how long it will take, and many other frequently asked questions. No matter what you’re worried about when it comes to stucco remediation, we’d be happy to answer all your questions and help you understand what makes it the right solution for stucco mold problems.

Don’t let bad stucco put a damper on your property any longer. Partner with the professionals at KLM Contractors for expert stucco remediation services and get ready to enjoy a healthier, more beautiful home. Contact our team today to get started.