Ask These 10 Questions Before Hiring a Siding Contractor

1. Do you install James Hardie siding?

Before asking anything else, it is essential to establish that the Siding Contractor you are working with is a professional who uses the best siding in the industry. James Hardie fiber-cement siding is definitely worth your consideration for its many benefits, namely:

  • Water Damage Resistant
  • Durable from Cracks
  • ColorPlus Technology, much better long-lasting colors.
  • Beautiful Appearance, tons of options
  • Fire Resistant
  • Weather Resistant from wind, hail, and so forth.
  • Increase Home Value

By getting James Hardie Siding for your home, you are guaranteed that the installation will be handled by trained professionals who’ve been certified in the installation process. This is a requirement by James Hardie to install their products.

2. How long will the siding project take to be finished?

To make adjustments to your schedule and help adapt for the duration of the siding project, you need to understand how long it will take. Moreover, you need to know when the siding contractor will start the work, which days they will work, and when the new siding will be done. Naturally, harsh weather conditions and other setbacks can sometimes delay the process, but any professional contractor, like KLM Contractors, will be able to make quick adaptations to the schedule and get back on track fast. The goal is to not only have realistic expectations but also communicate well with the supervisor. Feel free to ask the contractor for a timeline overview of the project to get an idea of how long each phase will take.

3. Will my property or landscaping be damaged?

Inexperienced siding contractors can do some serious damage to your property and your landscaping. Whether it is breaking a vase, scratching some trims, or even cracking a window, you must keep your home protected. To avoid hazardous situations, ask your siding contractor whether they have a plan on keeping your property safe. For example, our company that operates in Bucks County takes various measures to protecting the homeowner’s investment. These measures range from an RB4000 buggy to catch debris and other trash, protective covers on bushes and other landscaping, as well as safety construction scaffold and much more!

4. Who is the supervisor of the worksite?

Knowing and maintaining a good contact with the supervisor of the worksite is vital to successfully hiring a siding contractor. Asking who is the supervisor ensures that there is a person you can meet with, ask questions, and generally address all your concerns to. A supervisor will look over your home during the siding project and report the status and progress back to you. In fact, the way of knowing whether your experience of hiring a siding contractor will be flawless usually depends on a good supervisor.

5. Does your company provide any warranties?

It is quite common for companies like James Hardie to provide their own warranty with any of their products. In fact, James Hardie offers a 30-year limited warranty for their siding products. Moreover, you can inquire with your contractor to learn more about their workmanship warranties dealing with deadlines and project milestones. If working with a true professional siding contractor, like KLM Contractors for example, you will be informed every step of the way and understand all options which are available to you.

6. How will you clean up and dispose of trash?

A siding project can get really messy, which is something difficult to contain for most siding contractors. When working with a professional, like KLM Contractors who operate in Bucks County, you are guaranteed that trash and debris will be contained using systems like the RB4000 buggy and dumpsters. No siding contractor should leave your property looking bad or with trash. Ask your siding contractor on how they will dispose of trash and keep your property clean.

7. Do you have reviews or previous work I can see?

Any professional siding contractor should be able to provide you with a portfolio or showcase of their work. For reference, see which features work samples from a siding contractor in Bucks County. Furthermore, you should always ask for referrals and reviews from real customers. Most professional siding contractors will want to keep their clients’ information private so they will only disclose the contact information of past clients who permitted to be listed as referrals.

8. What is the payment arrangement and how does it work?

A vital determining factor you must address with your siding contractor before hiring them is the payment. Find out how they expect to be paid, when they expect to be paid, and how the payments are scheduled. Be careful when asked for a full payment upfront because sometimes, you do not know who you are dealing with. For example, at KLM Contractors we sit down with the homeowner and go through comfortable payment options prior to taking any money.

9. Is your company insured?

In order to legally and safely work with a contractor, you must ensure that you will not be liable for any work-related accidents on your property. Asking to see your siding contractor’s insurance information is a must. You do not want to be paying medical bills.

10. How will I be able to visualize the finished house?

This last question can be quite tricky for many siding contractors, but it also helps you narrow down the experts. Any siding contractor who is staying on top of the recent trends in technology is most likely staying on top of the newest trends in siding products, practices, and certifications. You should find out if your siding contractor has options for you to be able to visualize the finished project ahead of time in order to make an informed decision on the color, style, and design of your siding. An example of this visualizer can be seen here, from this Bucks County Siding Contractor. In fact, KLM Contractors also offers a custom graphic design of the home for extensive projects like stucco remediation and stone veneers.

That is all for now!

Good luck hiring your next siding contractor. It can seem overwhelming at times, but just ask your potential siding contractor these 10 questions and evaluate them based on the answers. Always shop around until you find a siding contractor that you are completely confident and content with. If you are a homeowner in the Bucks County area or surrounding regions, we highly recommend using our company. We have been in business for over 20 years doing siding, stucco remediation, roofing, additions, porches and patios, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and so much more!