Stucco Remediation is Solution to Health Risks from Mold Underneath Stucco

Being in the business of stucco remediation for over 20 years allowed us to meet many people and hear even more stories. With each year passing year, we realized more and more just how serious mold damage truly was. Still, most Bucks County homeowners whose homes we serviced and remediated from mold were able to catch the mold pretty early on thanks to seeing their neighbors go through the trouble first. Our concern with the safety of the homeowners grew significantly in December of 2014 when we first met Natalie K., a Doylestown homeowner.

Natalie K. has been living in her Victorian-style stucco home for only three years. During this time, Natalie visited the doctor on a bi-monthly basis to seek a solution for her constant watery eyes and postnasal drip. With each visit, Natalie would go home with a new prescription or dosage adjustment for an allergy medication. Her daily life now consisted of oral decongestants, nasal sprays, Claritin, Flonase, so on and so on.

By her third year inhabiting the Doylestown home, Natalie’s health problems progressed into, “what seemed like always having a cold”. Having spent so much money on doctor visits, medications, air purifiers, and dehumidifiers, Natalie was desperate for something more than a temporary fix.

While speaking to one of her neighbors, Natalie learned that there were others who shared her problem. Her neighbor’s father, who was living in their home, developed asthma-like symptoms within six months of moving in. Luckily, their family physician recommended seeking a mold removal specialist who then directed them to a stucco remediation expert.

Natalie knew that stucco remediation was a potential solution for her health problems, and having exhausted all other solutions, she was ready to try anything.

Our team here at KLM Contractors gave Natalie a free consultation at her Doylestown home. A typical consultation consists of educating the homeowner about the risks of mold and talking them through the entire process; preparation, removal, installation, and so on.

By the end of a typical consultation, we progress into choosing a new siding, trims, and possibly a stone veneer for the home. If you are replacing your stucco, you mind as well enhance the exterior of your home in the process. We always provide a virtual graphic design rendering of what your renovated home will look like to eliminate the guesswork. After all, as a homeowner, your satisfaction with your home is our primary concern.

Working with Natalie was a pleasure, but what she reported back to us only a month after the remediation was even more astonishing.

Only a month after the stucco remediation, Natalie said, “I am breathing normally again and I am no longer wheezing at night!”, she continued, “thanks to you, I am free of spitting nasty mucus all day and wasting money on meds and other machines.”

This was truly a breakthrough experience both for us and Natalie. We always knew that mold posed severe health risks and threats to the homeowner, but not to this extreme. We are excited for Natalie and looking forward to help all future homeowners who are also dealing with the same problems.

The purpose of this article was to share the story of a fellow Doylestown resident and should not be a replacement for professional medical advice. After all, mold is quite complex and can lead to all sorts of different health risks which we ourselves do not entirely understand. Only mold advice we can give you is about getting it the heck out of your home!

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