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Stucco Problems Plague Bucks County, PA

Bucks County, Pennsylvania

… is home to more than 625,000 residents and is known for beautiful architecture, historic destinations, and most importantly, an amazing community. Over the 20 years we have been servicing Bucks County, we were fortunate enough to get acquainted with countless Bucks County homeowners who were all unanimous in one important aspect – their love and respect for their property.

“My beautiful Georgian-style home is my most cherished asset, my best investment, and the fruit of my life’s work. I will pass this home down to my kids, and hopefully they to their kids.” told us John Greenarch, a New Hope resident and our client of 8 years.

Unfortunately, more and more stucco homes in Bucks County are experiencing severe levels of mold damage. The mold originates underneath the stucco because of water intrusion and spreads like a plague. Pennsylvania’s wet climates and constant humidity greatly contribute to this outbreak.

Still, when installed properly, stucco is supposed to withstand these tough weather conditions and disallow water to penetrate beneath the surface. The problem actually lies with the original installer of the stucco. Due to a faulty installation by an uncertified amatuer contractor, your Bucks County stucco home could now be rotting of mold and infestation below the stucco exterior.

6ABC reported, “hundreds of homeowners claim a construction problem of epidemic proportions is tearing through homes in the Delaware Valley, leaving them with repairs costing into the six figures”.

The Solution

In order to protect your investment and your family, you may choose to get your home checked for signs of mold. Some of these signs include stucco cracking, visible dark spots, odd smells, constant migraines, and many more. Only professional stucco remediation contractors like ourselves will be able to identify the problem and formulate an action plan to save your home.

Stucco Remediation

Because a single spot of mold can spread up to 30 feet, the stucco remediation process must be extremely thorough and eliminate any lumber or other matter that came in contact with the mold. Stucco remediation can seem overwhelming but it really shouldn’t be. The breakdown of a typical stucco remediation process includes the preparation of the property, removal of mold and other matter, reconstruction, and new siding installation. You can view the entire detailed process in our stucco remediation showcase.

What are you waiting for?

If you own a stucco home in Bucks County, PA, there has never been a better time to get your home checked for mold under your stucco. Start the process of a mold-free life and protect your investment by reaching out to us for a FREE CONSULTATION.