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How much does Stucco Remediation cost? Is it expensive?

Stucco Remediation Costs vary …

While some home improvement projects are voluntary and planned, others can come as a surprise and be very unexpected. Unfortunately, stucco remediation fits into that second category of unexpected. This is because many homeowners are not aware that there is mold underneath their stucco until the mold is advanced and begins showing visible signs such as stucco discoloration or even odd smells. In fact, the progression and severity of the mold highly influences the cost of stucco remediation (the process of removing mold and residing the home), making the evaluation quite tricky.

All homeowners who might be dealing with a stucco mold problem must remember that with stucco remediation, you get what you pay for. Hiring an inexperienced and cheap contractor could sound like a cost-effective decision but will quickly turn into a giant mistake when the mold problem is not removed and you are left with a house that now lacks siding and your contractor became overwhelmed with the severity of the mold and ran for the hills. Therefore, as we go through the factors that affect the price, remember that stucco remediation will ONLY be effective when performed by stucco remediation contractors who are specialists.

While there is no way to pinpoint an exact dollar amount of a stucco remediation project, there are several factors that can help any homeowner understand where they stand within price ranges. Some of these primary factors include ….

Mold Progression

Numerous clear signs exist that can tell you whether your stucco mold problem is severe or only beginning. Remember, a spot of mold can grow to cover 30 feet. Early detection is they key at keeping stucco remediation costs low and the process effective. Darkened areas underneath window sills, trims, and gutters indicate that the mold is advanced, but not as severe as it could be. The most serious cases of stucco mold feature homes where stucco is peeling, cracking, rotting, and even experiencing insect infestation. Stucco homes that display these latter conditions would be on the more expensive side for remediation costs. If no visible signs exist, any odd smells or constant migraines could indicate that the mold spread inward towards the interior. These conditions, depending on detection time, could drive the stucco remediation price upward.

Size of the Home

Naturally, the more stucco there is, the more place there is for mold to spread. Bigger homes are consequently subject to higher stucco remediation costs. Still, home size costs are codependent with the mold progression because mold all over a small home could cost more than mold covering a fragment of a large home. To be precise, larger homes require more materials such as flashing, weather barriers, drip caps, and more, thus costing more.

Amount of Windows

Stucco remediation requires the temporary removal of all windows and their re-installation with proper weather barriers, drip caps, etc. The more windows, the more materials necessary as well as increase in labor time. If your home has more than the average amount of windows for its size, then this could contribute to the stucco remediation cost.

Choice of Siding

Once the stucco and mold have been completely removed, and everything underneath has been reconstructed, it is time to put new siding on your home. There are many siding product manufacturers to choose from, so it can be quite a tricky process to make that perfect choice. Fortunately, when working with professional stucco remediation contractors like KLM Contractors, homeowners are provided with all of the pamphlets, styles, and even online designer applications to ease this process. Different siding manufacturers also have very different pricing scales, and naturally whatever choice you make will reflect on the cost of your stucco remediation project. We always recommend James Hardie siding which is the leading siding products manufacturer in the nation. With tons of styles and colors of products like HardiePlank Lap Siding, HardieShingle, and more fiber-cement siding options, it is difficult not to fall in love!

Effectiveness and Professionalism

We cannot stress enough just how many contractors there are who are looking for ways to make a quick buck. Homeowners must avoid these contractors at all cost because things can end really badly. Every few stucco homes we remediate, we encounter a home where a contractor took the job but could not execute it properly once the stucco was peeled and massive mold was revealed. The cost of stucco remediation will definitely be lower if you work with one of these inexperienced contractors. But then again, can that even be considered stucco remediation at that point? This extensive process of removing the mold is quite complex and involves the proper removal of any sheetrock, lumber, and other matter that came in contact with the mold. This tricky process can only be achieved with the highest level of equipment and trained professionals.

Even though stucco remediation can seem overwhelming, fear not because the price of stucco remediation is most likely competitive to any stucco-related services such as stucco repairs, siding installations, and more!

In conclusion,

Finding out a precise stucco remediation cost is difficult until a professional has assessed the stucco problems and status. Fortunately, you can use the mentioned factors to determine whether your stucco remediation project will be on the more expensive side or not.

Best of luck to all homeowners from Bucks County, Pennsylvania and anywhere else who are dealing with stucco mold problems.