What Homeowners Can Learn From Siding Installation Contractors

When installing new siding, siding installation contractors are able to learn a lot about a home and it’s condition. This is because their job consists of looking at exposed homes all day, and with some experience, they know what to look out for.

Unfortunately, some contractors can be quite unprofessional and not too talkative. Inexperienced contractors often fear that disclosing new information about the home will be received as a way to make more money or too much of a hassle.

If you, as a homeowner, already committed to such a contractor, it is up to you to draw out the answers about your home.

Involving an inspector can drive extra costs, and if you aren’t ready for them, then it is the obligation of your siding installation contractor to tell you about the condition of your home.

Some things you can learn about the status of your home’s exterior from your siding installation contractor include:

1. Does my home have any signs of mold or rotting?

Any experienced siding installation contractor should be able to identify mold, rotting, or any moisture damage. They should not keep this information to themselves and immediately disclose it to you. Still, just to be extra safe, as a homeowner you should always ask! If it is evident, ask to be shown the problem and ask for referrals to local companies that can fix the problem through remediation.

2. Are there any flaws in the trims or seals that could allow moisture beneath the new siding?

Many experienced siding installation contractors or any other general contractors will be aware of the failures and faults of windows, materials, and other things. If these contractors are not responsible, they may not disclose this information to you. However, you must protect your investment and ask if all of your windows are sealed properly, or if there are any faulty products or materials used in your home.

3. What is the warranty of the siding you are installing, and how popular is it amongst homeowners in my area?

Knowing the siding that is being used on your home is essential. Furthermore, you should know how popular it is amongst your neighbors and local area. Different neighborhoods across your state are in different climate zones and what can be great siding for one area may be not the right choice for your home. Always ask your siding installation contractor about the siding they are installing and how often they install it.

4. Do you notice anything alarming such as exposed wiring, damaged pipes or cables, rodent infestation or termites?

Our company often hears horror stories about homeowners who had to fire their last contractor prior to working with us due to the fact that there was serious problems going on with the home and the owner wasn’t made aware of it. Most often, these horror stories include damaged pipes, leaks, or burned wiring.

And how do you ensure that you stay informed about your home WITHOUT having to ask?

You work with an experienced and professional contractor company that will never neglect your home or your safety! If you own a home in the Bucks County, PA area, the best solution is to work with KLM Contractors. To get started, you can fill out our contact form or simply give us a call at (215) 943-5240 – We look forward to hearing from you!