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The Project

A resident of Neshanic Station, New Jersey reached out to us about very special renovation project. His home, a beautiful historic residence, needed exterior restoration of new siding, trims, and more. The free consultation concluded with the decision to install AZEK Fiberglass Siding with a style that amplified the existing home. This particular siding was suggested by our siding expert because it is durable and honors the historic aspect of the home. The colors for various portions of the home were chosen to compliment the others, alternating between white, light gray, and dark gray. This was going to be a beautiful project!

Phase 1 – Preparation

Prior to installing new siding, we remove all of the existing siding from the home. We do this in a careful and clean manner to ensure the safety of your property. Every successful and long-lasting siding installation must start with extensive preparation. The preparation phase encompasses numerous essential steps in order to keep the home weather-proof, fire resistant, and immune to infestation or mold problems. We have spent enough time doing stucco remediation to know how vital it is to have a mold-proof siding home. Some of these steps include water barriers, flex flashing, window tape, drip caps, and treatment with water damage deterrent. Through all of this, the home is always prepared with scaffolds, protective covers, and our RB4000 Buggy to manage debris. This ensures that the siding installation process will not damage your property or landscaping.

Phase 2 – Installation

Regardless of what you’ve heard in the past, siding installations are actually a very precise and exact process. Many inexperienced contractors attempt to profit by overselling themselves and their siding abilities. Let us be the ones to tell you – siding is not simple! To avoid water damage, mold, infestation, rotting, and efflorescence, all siding must be installed according to a proven process. Furthermore, siding needs to withstand difficult conditions like fires, hurricanes, and so forth. In fact, the siding installed and how it is installed differ based on the location of the home. This is because homes in various climates react differently to weather conditions. An example of this is understanding the various climate zones and areas. Homes in damp conditions or prolonged exposure to heat require different treatment. Therefore, working with a cheap contractor who does not understand the system behind the siding products they use will not be able to do a successful and reliable installation.

Phase 3 – Finishes

In order to achieve that beautiful and distinct exterior, the details must be perfected. We ensure that the final finishes and trims are all in place and installed correctly. In this final phase, we complete the siding project by doing a final inspection of our craftsmanship. Contractors who are not as experienced as us tend to have difficulties with a seamless trim installation and making customizations to achieve that perfect fit. Fortunately, working with KLM Contractors ensures that your home will look spectacular – both visually and fundamentally. Find out more about our siding services and other products for your next siding project in Bucks County, PA.

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