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The Problem

A resident of Newtown, Pennsylvania sensed moist areas of the stucco covering their home. Being quite concerned about their home, the owner got in touch with a KLM Contractors expert who reviewed the status of the stucco and confirmed mold beneath the stucco that was reaching the surface. Stucco remediation was necessary to prevent further damage and keep the Newtown resident and his family safe. The homeowner agreed to stucco remediation and the installation of new vinyl siding as well as new trim for siding and windows, and a beautiful stone veneer.

Phase 1 – Preparation

To ensure that no damage will be done to your freshly landscaped and valued property, we take various measures to secure your property. Some of the things we do to keep your property mess-free and clean include:

  • RB4000 Buggy to manage debris while disposing of molded stucco easily and conveniently.
  • Safety Construction Scaffold to secure workers, tools, and other equipment.
  • Protection Covers for plants, sculptures, and surrounding grass.

Phase 3 – Reconstruction

In the place of everything damaged that was removed come new reconstructed replacements. All windows are removed and reinstalled with proper water barriers, Flex Flashing, window tape, and drip caps. Everything is treated with moisture damage deterrent which aids in the prevention of any future water intrusion. Furthermore, we install weather resistant barriers which shield from all sorts of weather damage. The process is finalized with the reconstruction of the outer sheathing covered by weather Barriers and sealed with seam tape. All of this results in complete weather protection and defense against water damage.

Phase 4 – Siding Installation

In the final phase, we install Vinyl Siding as well as new window trims and siding trims. Overall, the installation process must be thorough and executed accurately to restrict any cracks, breaks, and such. A faulty installation can lead to the possibility of water intrusion or infestation and therefore should be solely done by a professional.

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