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Stucco has a beautiful appeal and can be quite durable in most weather conditions. However, a lack of precision during the installation process can open the door to a number of problems, including the spread of moisture beneath the surface. Stucco remediation services are often necessary to resolve these issues and restore the integrity of residential properties constructed with stucco. If you are looking for a stucco remediation company in Richboro, Pennsylvania, that is trusted for its expertise, our team at KLM Contractors is ready to help.

Understanding the Importance of Stucco Remediation

One of the main reasons homeowners seek out remediation services for their stucco homes is the infiltration of moisture. Over time, moisture that is stuck behind the stucco can penetrate the walls and cause cracks, rot, and mold growth. This insidious process can make your home an unhealthy place to live and requires immediate attention.

Our procedures for stucco remediation involve preparation, the removal of damaged materials, and reconstruction. First, we will prepare the area to keep your property protected during the remediation process. Then, we will investigate hidden mold growth and water damage with special equipment, followed by the removal of affected materials and a detailed inspection to ensure we haven’t overlooked any areas. Finally, we will install new materials and siding, as well as proper water barriers to minimize the possibility of future moisture issues.

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